• Entrepreneurship
    What are the skills that differentiate successful entrepreneurs? How to awaken the achievement potential among your subordinates? An intriguing and motivating conversation to inspire teams to develop performance - click the image to learn more.
  • Innovation
    What are the types of innovation and which one applies to your industry or size? Is there a particular team profile that is more capable to innovate? What lessons could be drawn from the leading companies in innovation? This disturbing conversation contextualizes innovation in your business – click the image to learn more.
  • Planning
    This is the area of management that has evolved mostly over the last 100 years. From mere theory to key management function; department; annual routine and even starting point for new businesses, what is the real mean of "Planning" these days? How to benefit from it in your business? A deep thought on the way to see and analyze your business - click the image to learn more.
  • Budget a lecture
    Contact Renato Santos’ staff and request a lecture budget for your event, with either one of the suggested topics or a customized one to your goals in business. Click the image, fill the contact form and receive your reply via email.