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Entitled as "The Return" to mark the comeback of Roberto Justus as the anchor of the "The Apprentice" and offer a second opportunity for participants who achieved good performance on previous seasons, the dispute brought unprecedented tasks of great pressure, including abroad.

Next to Walter Longo, president of Grey Brazil and Roberto Justus, himself the CEO of Newcomm Group, Renato Santos added his consulting insight into entrepreneurship, planning and innovation to evaluate the performance of the competitors.

The season was full of exciting episodes, and culminated in a final played between Melina Konstadinidis, an entrepreneur of the corporate events sector in São Paulo, and Renata Tolentino, project manager in the ICT sector in Belo Horizonte. In Roberto Justus’ words, the "bet on the future" won, since the choice fell over the less experienced partner, but which showed greater adaptability and learning during the season.



Renato Santos is a speaker and consultant working in Brazil and in 24 countries. He has 21,000+ hours of experience training business people, and solid entrepreneurial experience. He speaks weekly about business in “Minuto SEBRAE” broadcasted at CBN, Band News and Jovem Pan SP radios; and every 10th in "Papo de Especialistas" at TV SEBRAE (YouTube).